ABN Search

ABN Search is a search and lookup utility which accesses the Australian Business Names Register (ABNR). All of the publicly viewable details in the register are displayed for the businesses which meet your search criteria including

* Business Names
* Entity name
* GST status
* Date details last updated
* Historical Business Names (with dates)
* Entity type
* Australian Business Number (ABN)
* Main business location (state and postcode)
* Tax deductible gift status

Searches can be initiated for

* Australian Company Number (ACN)
* Australian Business Number (ABN)
* Entity or Business Name

Once a search has been undertaken, the results can be filtered. Filters available are

* search by entity or business name, or both
* include all, active or inactive entities
* include only entities from selected Australian States.

The number of matches are shown and details are available for all matches. Matches can include inactive entities.

Once a list of matches is available, you can tag one or more of the results and “Share” the selected details by print or email.

The App is free to use without limits and displays advertising banners. However, these ads can be permanently suppressed by an In App Purchase of ABN Search Premium.

As a bonus, ABN Search Premium formats printed and emailed details in colour as rich text.

ABN Search does not include details of Trading Names which were intended to be removed from the Regiser at the end of July 2013. However, the date of this removal has been delayed by 13 months so the next release of ABN Search will include Trading Name details until they are actually removed from the Register.

All of the data exposed by ABN Search is obtained from the Registrar’s Web Service. For full details of the service please refer to http://abr.business.gov.au/LookupTool.aspx

App Details:

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